Exploring kandoh and related sentiments in virtual worlds

Unreal Engine 4
Premiere Pro
FL Studio 20

"kando" was my thesis project at NYU's Master's of Integrated Digital Media program. Click on the image above to be re-directed to the experience in video form. This link provides you to the unabridged publication, if you're interested in reading the full paper.


A memorial for my grandmother.



People sometimes experience the sentiment of “being moved”, also known as kandoh in Japanese, when viewing art, listening to music, or playing a video game. My goal is to create a VR experience where people can experience kandoh through 3 particular sentiments and ideas which we don’t have direct translations for in English: saudade, fernweh, and mono no aware. After the loss of my grandmother in December 2021, I felt closer to these ideas than ever. Featuring audio clips of my family members, this project serves to describe who my grandmother was, in a fully immersive experience. Not only will players find memories of my grandmother as they peacefully explore the VR environments, but my hope is for them to think back with empathy, nostalgia, and appreciation about their own lives and loved ones of the past, present, and future.